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From its inception in 1982, Royal Services & Rentals, Inc., has made it our goal to offer the most efficient, trouble free services and products, combined with the most professional, accessible 24/7 365 customer service to the oil and gas industry. With our extensive experience in the oil & gas industry both land and offshore, Royal's buisness plan and goal was that the "one-size-fits-all" motto has no place in an industry that changes as rapidly as the oil and gas industry. Early on in our existence, Royal Service & Rentals, Inc. focused on customized subsea CCTV video service and underwater sonar services.

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Serving the Oil & Gas Industry with solutions that enable business decisions to be made with visual information.

Solar / Hybrid Light Tower Brochure for Closed Circuit TV
DHTV (DOWNHOLE TV) for Closed Circuit TV


Royal has over 30 years running DHTV camera systems and providing real time videos for inspection or running tools. Royal designed and built its own subsea video inspection system for running on drill pipe or winch line for offshore and land applications.


Clear, accurate imaging is essential to your drilling operation, but often times enviornmental factors prevent traditional subsea.

Didson Sonar Imaging for Closed Circuit TV
COMMUNICATION for Closed Circuit TV


Extending our products with comprehensive imaging and inspection services that solve real problems.